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star bulletin article

Man I was just talking to ktc about my days bowling for Kamehameha. We bowled at Kalihi bowl and that joint shut deed last year. Now another spot biting the dust. Pali Lanes might get the boot too. I dunno but bowling is the shit! Aiea got a new owner and a makeover now Rick Rock and other industry heads bowing with djs spinning music. Too bad they don’t have gogo dancers wearing pasties(just get naked and be a full on stripper and make that money!!!!) Well at least they gonna move Kapi’olani Coffee Shop to City Mall(other spot in Waimalu Shopping Center). So you can get your oxtail on in July. Good. Maybe the line at Young’s Fish Market gonna be shorter and i can find a seat to eat some laulau and turkey tails. Or go spots and eat Hamburger Steak extra onions gravy all over. Oh im hungry now.


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