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i don’t think i deserve a lot of things that im blessed with and i don’t like to toot my own horn but man i can watch this five times in a row and still be stoked. Yeah i geek out on shit you don’t even know about but it makes me happy. Like watching Hawaii News on Demand(Oceanic Digital 111 i think) just to see if you made the KHNL news at a record sale trying to get bboy breaks. Yeah i did it. Yeah i was stoked. Now this video that Bunsen “Haduken” Honeydew did for kicks and giggles is ill to me. Yeah see if you made it. Email me and complain you didn’t. But next time take a pic with me or something. When i was young i hated taking pics. I got a grip of me crying as a kid cus i hated pics. Now that i don’t have much old pics im trying to make up for lost time. So if you got a camera, yeah i wanna take a pic with my homies. And dope asian chicks. and dope asian chicks that are my homies. Just be a homie.

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