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I aint a morning guy but if somebody can get me up then im start making fone calls and doing my thing. Today is nothing but a total geekfest. First getting on the bus to see my art show on the FRONT page of the Honolulu Star Bulletin a huge step in my marketing/promotions career.

Imagine seing this on EVERY BLOCK downtown and EVERYONE on the bus reading the free paper with this on the cover let alone the article inside. GEEKING HARD!!!!
I get off the bus and go to find a Midweek to find out Maggie Q is from mililani. Got to Great Harvest Bread Co. and bought them dope blueberry cream cheese scones(FUCKEN ILL!!!!!) Then come to my ‘Aiea office and look on the Narco Sympo KTC blog to see the LIGHTSLEEPING IS NOT A CRIME!!!! Then while trying to find the article from the Star Bulletin i happen to find out that Blue Rooster Art Supplies in LA posted my art show flyer on their blog. FREAKS AND GEEKS FOR SURE!!!!


Anyways come to my art show tonight. Its called “The Slippah Show”. Have fun. and here’s a few articles about it.

The Slippah Show in Honolulu Star Bulletin
The Slippah Show in Midweek

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