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Picked up a copy of Midweek to catch the Nomasterbacks interview read it here and i was stoked. Shout out to Melissa of Midweek for the article. But then i was bumbed when i seen the cover had KRUMPANY! Now first and formost THIS ISN’T A PERSONAL ATTACK ON KRUMPANY! You guys krump, that’s cool. BUT LOFA SAYS KRUMPING IS WACK! BREAKING IS WHERE IT’S AT! The level of skill needed to be a dope Krumper is WAY LOWER than what it takes to be a dope BBOY! And stop trying to make Bboys and real heads try to ACCEPT krumping. Krumping needs special music? GAY! Dope Bboys dance to anything and will blow your mind away. Go read the article. I bet there are Krumpers mad at that article too. Talking about breakers are cocky and like to taunt. Then when they battle breakers they got nerve to push a bboy and expect him to NOT KICK YOUR ASS???? oh i gotta stop for this blog goes hella long of me ranting. Point is Krumping is WACK! If you like it cool. But don’t try to make it similar to bboying. And no way is it taking the world by storm. How come every dance competition the bboys make the tv(BBOY IVAN in “So you think you can dance” for example) but the krumpers dont even make the cut? And nobody PAYS to learn krumping. alright i stop ranting.

This album gonna be ILL! Joe Dub and Factor. Take a listen here
go visit and pick up some good music. and that Ex Vandals album too! or even better go SEE Joe perform and buy the “Live in 75” from him personally. no forget the sharpie so he can sign um!

good hiphop makes everything better!

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