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Now i can’t skate for shit. I can roll and powerslide by accident, boardhop if i grab both sides Tom Green style. But that’s it. Never could olie. EVER. But im down for skate almost as much as im down for graff. Well while Blue Hawaii/eighty four was Kinging the Hill at Manana i decided to stand in line a few hours outside the new Elemet Waikiki store and get Bam to sign my copy of his 411 issue. The entire Urinal Cakes crew showed up. My homie Mike Rotch decided to get his jackass box set and jackass 2 signed by bam. I got some free stickers and an element poster and the new THIS IS MY ELELMENT DVD signed by Muska, Bam, Tosh, and Chris Senn. Im pissed that i didnt bring the mag with Bam’s wife in it. She was there and looks hotter in person. While i still dont have a digicam i found this online. And i actually in the shot. Mike Rotch’s DVD/VHS collection made the flicks too. And the ELEMENT BAGS are pretty dope. Got mine signed as well. Now if KTC can get DAEWON SONG down here i would be HELLA STOKED! enjoy this persons flicks. And get the DVD.
Element Waikiki Signing


And to that one guy trying to blend in the crowd and cut, that was funny that i pulled your card. You better have a homie holding your spot. Learn the rules of standing in line. Getting my skills ready for the next KICKS/HI sale!!!!! CAMPING EARLY!!!!!!!

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