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things you find while trying to find free music to download. Did find Meg & Dia’s “Monster”. I missed the NMB on the special ed of GenuineHI show last night but did catch that SICK Omega Cix KTUH drop. I only did a drop for the defunct Abstract Beat Workshop that Joan9 used to have on sunday nights. I wanna do another drop for KTUH. Almost everyone has a KTUH story. I got choke. Took over for Jus10 when KTC had alumni shows with Rhombus. Kicked it with Myka9, LA Symphony, Ceschi, David, Tommy V, and met Ab Rude while kicking it in the parking lot when i wasn’t down with ANYBODY in the scene but listened to Lightsleepers on KTUH. Drove around town with my hand holding my car antennae to boost the signal before driving home to Kahalu’u trying to get a signal to hear Bushwack Bill Clinton and Rapa Nui murder the 10:15 throwdown. Good times. Big ups to Jake the Snakesucka, Bone, MilBil, KTC, Joan9, Cookiehead, Sifu, Rhombus, and everyone who has, had or will have a show on KTUH. Who’s next?

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