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This is David Choe and his homie Harry. Met Dave a few times he’s been in Hawai’i(thanks Lucky and Timer) he does the sickest art and his whales kill. He even did a pair of slippers for THE SLIPPAH SHOW i did at Prototype.  He gets paid to do the craziest shit for no reason. Upper Playground and Vice mag sent his ass to the CONGO and paid for him to take a few pics and play drums and find the lost city of Zinge(you know this movie? First person to tell me gets a dollar and an MF DOOM sticker) Well he got SCION to give him a xB MONSTER TRUCK. And he also got them to sponsor him hitch hiking across the US. That is the funnies shit ive watched. well check out all the episodes of “THUMBS UP AMERICA” on this link below. And if Dave comes back buy him a beer and kick it with him. He’s the homie!
Thumbs Up America

PS. Dave and his brother are making PRINTS you can buy at The print in DeeJae’s Studio. Buy something dope like this!!!!

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