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Monthly Archives: August 2007

watched Celebrity Rap Star or whatever it was and the best person rocking it was Sebastian Bach from Skid Row.

well that was wack but entertaining. BUT NOT ANYWHERE NEAR AS DOPE AS THIS!!!!

I just finished writing LOFA SAYS for the 808scenezine and noticed that there has been two dvd premiers after the drought of having none for the longest. I remember going to Pipeline for the Blind one and Hard Rock for the DVS skate more (if anybody from APB or DVS is reading this I would greatly appreciate if you could bring Daewon to HI. Mahalos) Then with the Element Waikiki store opening and the “This is my Element” premier followed by “Let’s Live” and “Viajeros Locos” this past month Hawai’i’s skate events starting to happen more frequently. But do you know the best thing about events is free stuff. Thanks to Listen i was able to get the new 411vm issue for free(i wonder if this is gonna continue to be free, i hope so). But during a trip to T&C to pick up the Angry Woebots interview in the Heavywater mag i scored a copy of the new Strangenotes dvd. Man do free dvds make me stoked! Well go look around the shops for it. So worth it. And watch for the warehouse in Milwaukee and the bonus footage from the Cholo’s Bowl.

and check out


this is the first time i feel like how people on the other islands feel. O’ahu always gets the dope events and i always trip at how people fly here for anykine stuff. Now is the first time i REALLY wanna fly for an event. I would have if I had heads up earlier. NY artist SWOON is rocking a show in Maui with the keikis. I guess like how Shepard Fairey was rocking it here. Her art shows and street art are dope and FUCKEN BIG!!!!!!

here’s the article from the honolulu advertiser here

If you in Maui and no go, you suck!
Shout out to the homies in Maui, Chunk, Amphibious Tounges, and all the homies!!!!!

Go watch her part in the Run Up DVD from upperplayground

Man did i get my fill of dopeness this past thursday. First i checked out Dig Lifestyles for their Common meet and greet. He signed my cds and my Dave Chappell’s Block Party dvd.

Then i ran into a few of the homies. Man how’s the Flip the Bird shirt by Timer. SICK!

After that I headed over to Next Door where KTC had the dope premier of the new Listen DVD and had the new issue of 411vm as well. STOKED. Then i got to watch Kid Koala rock the house. He’s cool. All he wants to do is talk music with EVERYONE. A true head. He also let me have his sketchpad from his set. He signed all the pages too so all the homies could have something to put in their dojo’s, lairs, octogon, or whatever you call your studios.(if you want one hit me up, but you gotta pick it up from a secret location) a good time had by ME!!!!

Second time meeting Buff Monster at Split Obsession this past saturday. Yeah it rained. Yeah I spent choke money. But it was all good. Big ups to Bruce and Erica for putting the whole shabang together. Flicks up at and if you got a chance go check out Split Obsession in the Koko Marina Shopping Center and buy a Buff Monster Shirt and Print.

Yo KTC you post the story about “the chase”.

Yeah that’s Buddy Christ. And yeah i love Kevin Smith films. This past sunday i just did a marathon of films including Clerks, Clerks II, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike back. But i also find myself watching the Hour of Power on TV( since i didn’t go to church physically. Yes I am a Christian even though i have my flaws and sin buttloads of times. I aint here to say “You better accept Jesus or you going hell.” I want you to make that choice for yourself. I’m just here to say “CHOOSE SOMETHING!!!” Too many of my friends floating around being nah i just going do whatevers. I want you to stand for something. Jah, Allah, Iehova, Buddah(no not weed),Lono, Krishna, Good Witch Glenda, Klingon, The Force, or my personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ(he really is my buddy) just stand for something. And make sure whatever you choose you can stand behind your actions. Do it cus you believe it, not because it’s cool.

“…Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners-of whom I am the worst.” 1 Timothy 1:15

and he’s probably your friend too. He got mean skills. Can paint better than you, and dance better than you, can design a doper Tshirt than you(where’s the Lightsleepers design fag!)and get more chicks than you EASILY!!!!! And he get mean tattoo skills. Mike Ledger wen teach him how. If i was gonna get tattoo i would let Lucky do um cus he’s mean and i no like wait two years on Mike’s waiting list. But i never gonna get a tat cus im a FUCKIN POOOOOSEEEEYYY!!!! Anywho i was trying for see if i wrote mistakes in my article in the 808scenezine and had one interview with Ryan from Tattoo Krew and Lucky wen steal his thunder! Nah he never but somehow he made the article. If you get time go pick up a copy of the 808scenezine and read um while you dropping bombs in the toilet. Find um somewhere or i think can download from

If you need a tattoo go see Lucky at Tattoo Krew Inc. across the street from Mayor Wright Housing. Or if you’re “Lucky” you might be able to get appointment at Soul Signature Tattoo.

Didn’t know they was down but while looking for pics of the Pocket Full Of Monster crew at Sneaker Pimps LA i came across the next art show that homie SHIN TANAKA is doing, WITH NIKE!!!!! YEAH BOY! BIG UPS!!!!! The next Shin Tanaka x Lightsleepers event coming soon. But if you in Cape Town(and you reading this email me and let me know stop buy and check it out.

here’s what you wanted to watch before going skating

KTC gave me a call asking if i seen the homeboy eat it. Didn’t know what he was talking but then i seen a tv ad for Xgames. I really dont watch winter Xgames but the summer og shit is what im about. Dope skating(fuck inline but they got skills too) and the two best motorcross events i love, Best Trick and STEP UP!!!! This years best trick was a Body Verial that i thought was cool but i liked the other homies SHAOLIN better. Either way here’s Trav’s double backflip from last year. Better than anybody else. He retired the trick and another homie almost landed it this year. oh well. STEP UP IS TONIGHT! That is the most rediculous thing ive seen. Highjump with a dirtbike. NICE

Here’s your pastrami