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and he’s probably your friend too. He got mean skills. Can paint better than you, and dance better than you, can design a doper Tshirt than you(where’s the Lightsleepers design fag!)and get more chicks than you EASILY!!!!! And he get mean tattoo skills. Mike Ledger wen teach him how. If i was gonna get tattoo i would let Lucky do um cus he’s mean and i no like wait two years on Mike’s waiting list. But i never gonna get a tat cus im a FUCKIN POOOOOSEEEEYYY!!!! Anywho i was trying for see if i wrote mistakes in my article in the 808scenezine and had one interview with Ryan from Tattoo Krew and Lucky wen steal his thunder! Nah he never but somehow he made the article. If you get time go pick up a copy of the 808scenezine and read um while you dropping bombs in the toilet. Find um somewhere or i think can download from

If you need a tattoo go see Lucky at Tattoo Krew Inc. across the street from Mayor Wright Housing. Or if you’re “Lucky” you might be able to get appointment at Soul Signature Tattoo.

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