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Man did i get my fill of dopeness this past thursday. First i checked out Dig Lifestyles for their Common meet and greet. He signed my cds and my Dave Chappell’s Block Party dvd.

Then i ran into a few of the homies. Man how’s the Flip the Bird shirt by Timer. SICK!

After that I headed over to Next Door where KTC had the dope premier of the new Listen DVD and had the new issue of 411vm as well. STOKED. Then i got to watch Kid Koala rock the house. He’s cool. All he wants to do is talk music with EVERYONE. A true head. He also let me have his sketchpad from his set. He signed all the pages too so all the homies could have something to put in their dojo’s, lairs, octogon, or whatever you call your studios.(if you want one hit me up, but you gotta pick it up from a secret location) a good time had by ME!!!!

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