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I just finished writing LOFA SAYS for the 808scenezine and noticed that there has been two dvd premiers after the drought of having none for the longest. I remember going to Pipeline for the Blind one and Hard Rock for the DVS skate more (if anybody from APB or DVS is reading this I would greatly appreciate if you could bring Daewon to HI. Mahalos) Then with the Element Waikiki store opening and the “This is my Element” premier followed by “Let’s Live” and “Viajeros Locos” this past month Hawai’i’s skate events starting to happen more frequently. But do you know the best thing about events is free stuff. Thanks to Listen i was able to get the new 411vm issue for free(i wonder if this is gonna continue to be free, i hope so). But during a trip to T&C to pick up the Angry Woebots interview in the Heavywater mag i scored a copy of the new Strangenotes dvd. Man do free dvds make me stoked! Well go look around the shops for it. So worth it. And watch for the warehouse in Milwaukee and the bonus footage from the Cholo’s Bowl.

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