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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Well i got caught buying the Dunny Series 4 that just dropped. I was eyeing this badboy for a while because i know i would never get Big Money in the Bentworld Vandals series but i seen this dunny rocking Big Money as bling! Fresh. Also the set has some dope artist like David Flores and Joe Ledbetter, and the Huck Gee chase is ill!!!! My homie Danny from Prototype bought some as well. He got all the choice ones including the Sket One Dunny covered in fur and the Nekko cat from Shane Jessup with the OPEN eyes! At least he got his money’s worth.

See you at the trading party at Urbanz Toys in Kaimuki across the hall from MECHAHAWAII!!!!!!


This guy and his buddy needs a home. Angry Woebot hand painted posters. $40. Hit him up. He’ll be at the Urbanz Toys Dunny Series 4 Trading party thursday from 6-9pm and Trip The Lights: Beatroot 6 battling Newkon 1-5pm Saturday

Well i thought Halo 3 coming out wasn’t gonna be big. But what started as 25 people from 9pm turned into almost 100 people at midnight picking up their copies of Halo 3 at GameStop Pearlridge Downtown. People wearing gaming shirts from Halo 2 to What Video Games taught me shirts galore. Ever watched PCU and Dras was wearing the Merkins shirt to go SEE the Merkins? Don’t be that guy. They were that guy. Had 3 dope chicks that threw everyone for a loop. Now i never played Halo or Halo 2. Just played Halo 3 and as long as you got someone to cover your ass its pretty fun.

just as i posted that dope dave choe print of soundeyes i get a call from Sean at Mechahawaii that the reissue of the ORIGINAL Transformers released back in the 80’s made its way to the shop. This first shipment had my SOUNDWAVE inside. Now Mechahawaii had an earlier shipment of the Soundwave that actually played mp3s from a SD card and those went super fast as well as the Nike/Transformers Nike Free Optimus/Megatron set that was released earlier this year. I love Transformers. Fuck “oh the movie came out” blah blah blah. Yeah i bought this reissue even though i have AN ORIGINAL Soundwave from the first batch. Two Soundwaves=mad love. Oh and my fav T-Former is Rumble.

here’s a pic of the toy. my reissue is still in box and the og one is missing the cannons and i don’t have digital cam yet.

Go check out or check out the store in Kaimuki. Next shipment coming including the Megatron reissue and i think there are a few others still in stock. All japan releases too, no make like you goin japan anytime soon(unless you are).

well the newest issue of the 808 scenezine just got released. I like doing them. I dunno why. well download it if you can’t find a physical copy at

man David Choe kills. I dunno how he does it but he got mad talent. He can crank hella tech stuff or super simplify stuff to just barebones structure. well he fucken made this dope print, charged people 300 and sold all of them in ten minutes. He’s a hustla indeed. check his Upper Playground blog for dope stuff.

Back since high school i have always wanted to be a Renaissance Man (Don’t know what that is go watch the movie with Danny De Vito and Stacey Dash) so I always have been fascinated by stuff that might not pertain to me. Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style on Bravo is one of them. Being a tv junkie I watch hours of random stuff(yet i cant stand looking too long on YouTube). And I got caught watching Project Runway(that i LOVE) by way of watching Queer Eye For the Strait Guy(I wanted to see if I was fashionable, turns out Fashionable=Metro and that aint me). I can’t say im stylish. I’m more streetwear than cut and sew couture and i prefer watching Randy Couture kicking ass. But it’s good to know what GIRLS should be rocking and to tell the difference between a woman that don’t know any better verses a sloppy BIATCH!!!!!

I aint saying watch this but if you a girl you should and i think if you a guy and you got a chick maybe by knowing some information you can help steer your girl away from Goucho pants(wack! even though you can see booty still looks sloppy no matter how hot the chick is!)

check the website for more about the show cus i aint writing about it

By the grace of God and some help from homies i was able to go to Rock the Bells Honolulu for free!!!! No i aint gonna tell you Wu Tang was awesome(they were) and no i aint gonna tell you that Spacifics were killing it with Hunger Pains and Emirc(SUPER DOPE!!!!) and yeah i kinda liked Bone Thugs set because of the back in the day stuff not so much the weed smoking but i aint saying none of that. I’m just gonna say big ups to Spacifics for getting Tom Moffat to rock their shirt.

due to the lack of people showing up i doubt the return of rock the bells or anything dope anytime soon. And it don’t pay to make shows the same day as a UH football game!!!!