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Back since high school i have always wanted to be a Renaissance Man (Don’t know what that is go watch the movie with Danny De Vito and Stacey Dash) so I always have been fascinated by stuff that might not pertain to me. Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style on Bravo is one of them. Being a tv junkie I watch hours of random stuff(yet i cant stand looking too long on YouTube). And I got caught watching Project Runway(that i LOVE) by way of watching Queer Eye For the Strait Guy(I wanted to see if I was fashionable, turns out Fashionable=Metro and that aint me). I can’t say im stylish. I’m more streetwear than cut and sew couture and i prefer watching Randy Couture kicking ass. But it’s good to know what GIRLS should be rocking and to tell the difference between a woman that don’t know any better verses a sloppy BIATCH!!!!!

I aint saying watch this but if you a girl you should and i think if you a guy and you got a chick maybe by knowing some information you can help steer your girl away from Goucho pants(wack! even though you can see booty still looks sloppy no matter how hot the chick is!)

check the website for more about the show cus i aint writing about it

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