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just as i posted that dope dave choe print of soundeyes i get a call from Sean at Mechahawaii that the reissue of the ORIGINAL Transformers released back in the 80’s made its way to the shop. This first shipment had my SOUNDWAVE inside. Now Mechahawaii had an earlier shipment of the Soundwave that actually played mp3s from a SD card and those went super fast as well as the Nike/Transformers Nike Free Optimus/Megatron set that was released earlier this year. I love Transformers. Fuck “oh the movie came out” blah blah blah. Yeah i bought this reissue even though i have AN ORIGINAL Soundwave from the first batch. Two Soundwaves=mad love. Oh and my fav T-Former is Rumble.

here’s a pic of the toy. my reissue is still in box and the og one is missing the cannons and i don’t have digital cam yet.

Go check out or check out the store in Kaimuki. Next shipment coming including the Megatron reissue and i think there are a few others still in stock. All japan releases too, no make like you goin japan anytime soon(unless you are).

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