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Monthly Archives: October 2007

just finished reading the new Saber book “Mad Society”. Fucken dope. Didn’t know that JA from NY(watch State Your Name) dissed the LA River piece. Dope background stories and the graff KILLS!!!!

go get one for yourself and check out his website


Man i’ve been digging Aboves stuff ever since i seen him rocking some rolldowns in Graphotism. Well recently i had the chance to pick up one of his arrow mobiles but not the funds to purchase. Man am i kicking my self in the ass! He’s still one of my favorite artist. He gets up!

check out his website at

Kicking it with Jesus!

Little Brother new album coming soon. If you gonna download buy the album when it drops or if got wax get that.

guilty pleasures has what you need.

Katch1 and the Natural Koncept crew coming out with a new dvd this winter. A bunch of hawai’i beat makers including Fame, KTC, and Ion Myke dropped some freshness for the soundtrack. If you want the promo dvd hit me up. Otherwise buy a copy of the full final version

Natural Koncept DF promo video 9/07

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click the link to watch video. i guess you can’t share a myspace video outside myspace. so have a pic of Ian Okui killing stairs!

well i was waiting waiting for the final video post destruction but guess gotta wait a couple days. Well big ups to Dean with the release of the Mainframe toys from StrangeCo. at Munky King and by the looks of things Peekaboo Monster and “Wicket” killed the show and painted some cali cuties. Well im still waiting for the shipment of toys to get to Hawai’i so i can get me some. And if you missed out you suck. And if you were able to go to San Diego Comic Con and get the black Mainframe varient you suck more. And if you got the white varient at the Munky King show you suck eggs!!!!!

well read the Vinyl Pulse article here!

and you can watch the video of the crew setting up below. Pocket Full Of Mainframe toys!!!!!

This is SuperCW who rocks the and been spocking the Honolulu scene for a while. She gots the ins to everything. Happen to stop by First Friday Fashions at Aloha Tower and ran into her. She’s the homie. After the fasion show she joined me and bunsen honeydew for the Honolua party at their store which SUCKED! First they didn’t want to give me a swag bag cus im a GUY! LOOSE MONEY! After i stated the fact that my girl could have it they reluctantly did so. But just to let THEM know my bag was split in 7 directions including a dope hat that SuperCW got to rock that evening. Fags! Besides the sexism(nah not really but i don’t know what else to call it) the local reps for the lines that the party was suppose to promote didn’t have catalogs for the season or business cards for future contacts. NO HUSTLE! Yeah i don’t have a business card but i aint trying to get people to buy my products. And they had nothing else going on except the tables with the fall lines from the companies, pupus and a dj. People need to figure out what you gonna do. I aint no party planner but i could have told you this wasnt the way to go. And you know who attended. Old people that don’t even surf let a lone rock surf gear. Maybe they buy for their daughters but they MISSED their demographic!!!!!!!

That aside this weekend was packed including a dope show by Eukarezt at Ong King, Split Obsessions 1 year baby lu’au sale(thanks guys and big ups!) and the PG13 ZONE at the kids day at the state capital with TRY WAIT!!!!! Hella fun for an event not for me! And dope Gandule Rice!!!!!

PS. FAT SOUL KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

watch and get his albums!

Spam is 70 years old. And im glad haole people don’t like spam. No need make musubi for them and more for me. I like when get the teriyaki and furikaki and if you really rock it put some egg inside. Man i’m hungry!