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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Once you’ve killed buttloads of turkey and stuffing on thanksgiving its pretty much Christmas. Now you can expect them to start rocking Christmas songs on the radio and movies on the TV. Some movies like Miracle on 34th St. and It’s A Wonderful Life are expected but then I was thinking there was no modern Christmas classics. Then I caught a showing of Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights which was dope but it wasn’t really a classic. Then one of my favorite movies was playing on cable. ELF! A true classic that’s so funny i watch it in the middle of summer. And with Will Ferrel killing with the comedy AND the mean russian kicks how can you not enjoy.


Man i went to Taco Bell the other day and figured i should get some Nachos Bel Grande instead of something i usually rock like Chalupas or Taco Salad. I get it and main thing. NO OLIVES. Granted they only give you 3 back in the day but its one more ingredient on the list. And they totally did away with green onions since the salmonella scare a while back. What’s next no CHEESE. BOO TACO BELL! So i’ve been on the quest for good mall food. Ala Moana is killing with dope places so no worries and Windward Mall got Blazin Steaks and Hot Dog On A Stick and a Cinnabon so you’re set. But lately i’ve been rocking Charlies ultimate gourmet fries, Arby’s pick 5 combo and SAMMIES from quiznos. Yeah they take three bites to eat and i could probably kill it one bite pau. But man they taste pretty dope. So either get the meal and some soup, chips, or salad or just order a bag full. And lots of pickles.

you will never never never know me…oooooooooh. All the things, that we’ve been through….

alright nuff nonsense. After a disappointing bus ride to Dig Lifestyle and not being able to get Mos Def to sign my Freestyle and Dave Chappell Block Party DVDs even though he was 4 inches away from me and only 30 people showed up to his meet and greet that got moved around a bunch of times, and after going to ‘A’ALA Park for the Red Bull demo leftover skatesesh i checked out IIFF’s final film of the fest PLANET BBOY!!!! Hella dope. Big ups to Chris. IIFF and its predecessor Cinema Paradise always has at least one dope film right up my alley. Watched and met the Barnstormers Crew. Watched Red Trousers and what the kung fu stuntman goes through. Watched NEXT with that japanese writer with the ill circle tag. And this year with Planet BBoy i was stoked. Check the website for more and watch the video. Don’t sleep on next year’s IIFF.

All i gotta say is mahalos to the dj that went serato and sold some of his collection. After amassing a dope score of A Tribe Called Quest OG pressings including Lupe’s favorite song Electric Relaxation i totally slept on this bboy jam but thanks to the KTC and his record digging vision he spotted this joint for me. Now get the cypher started.

Sidenote: if you feel like eating Ahi and some Salmon or Hamachi rolls by wait for Ahi cus the other two don’t cut it. That’s why they always left for last at your homies wedding in Waikiki.

Picked this up from Mechahawaii. There’s another toy store up the road and they were selling this for 200 bucks. I don’t think i paid 1/4 the price. Greedy bastards. Check the website or stop by the store. PS. heard they gonna start carrying G.I. Joes and Marvel stuff.

man i love this show because that’s my kind of food. I don’t wanna dress up or have the plate seven times bigger than the food on top. Season 2 starts today. Yeah im stoked. And how come mondays is the big “Food” show days with other shows like No Reservations and Bizarre Foods. Hope the rain don’t shut down your cable.

God is Love, Rev. Run.

Man i aint a big tattoo guy but i watch all the shows cus i like the art. A majority of tattoos are wack! and im too much of a pussy to get one. But watching Tattoo Wars on TLC was pretty interesting. Then to have Saber (Seventh Letter/MSK/AWR) being the tattooed person was sick. Then having him paint the banner at the show was the cool whip on top the pumpkin pie. This show is kinda like biker build off except with tats. Haven’t seen the other shows but if i come across them i prob. gonna watch. Watch the show. Two artists doing a colab tattoo on Saber. Mean.