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you will never never never know me…oooooooooh. All the things, that we’ve been through….

alright nuff nonsense. After a disappointing bus ride to Dig Lifestyle and not being able to get Mos Def to sign my Freestyle and Dave Chappell Block Party DVDs even though he was 4 inches away from me and only 30 people showed up to his meet and greet that got moved around a bunch of times, and after going to ‘A’ALA Park for the Red Bull demo leftover skatesesh i checked out IIFF’s final film of the fest PLANET BBOY!!!! Hella dope. Big ups to Chris. IIFF and its predecessor Cinema Paradise always has at least one dope film right up my alley. Watched and met the Barnstormers Crew. Watched Red Trousers and what the kung fu stuntman goes through. Watched NEXT with that japanese writer with the ill circle tag. And this year with Planet BBoy i was stoked. Check the website for more and watch the video. Don’t sleep on next year’s IIFF.

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