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Man i went to Taco Bell the other day and figured i should get some Nachos Bel Grande instead of something i usually rock like Chalupas or Taco Salad. I get it and main thing. NO OLIVES. Granted they only give you 3 back in the day but its one more ingredient on the list. And they totally did away with green onions since the salmonella scare a while back. What’s next no CHEESE. BOO TACO BELL! So i’ve been on the quest for good mall food. Ala Moana is killing with dope places so no worries and Windward Mall got Blazin Steaks and Hot Dog On A Stick and a Cinnabon so you’re set. But lately i’ve been rocking Charlies ultimate gourmet fries, Arby’s pick 5 combo and SAMMIES from quiznos. Yeah they take three bites to eat and i could probably kill it one bite pau. But man they taste pretty dope. So either get the meal and some soup, chips, or salad or just order a bag full. And lots of pickles.

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