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Super stoked last night caught the episode of Run’s house that i missed last week with Kid Rock buying guitars and killing Hooters wings(add that to my Christmas wish list!) then change the channel to watch I Love New York 2(I know that’s a train wreck but that’s why i watch so yeah im a sucker) and seeing so called Christians (Sister Paterson) doing stupid shit like macking on the dudes dad to start drama with his mom and lying about some other incident. Then I hung around long enough for Gotti’s Way. Now i gotta say one thing. I never EVER bought a murder inc. record. never BURNED a murder inc. song. They irrelevant to me. But i do like a few Lloyd songs and them signing Vanessa Carlton makes it kinda hard cus she dope. Anywho i gotta give it up to Irv for letting people tape his life. Especially cus he knows he’s an asshole. I’m an asshole too so i don’t think i could stand for people to see me blow up and shit like that. But man he treats his wife like SHIT! All you guys gonna get MARRIED then thats for life bitches. Cheat on girlfriends. Marriage is one time pau. Watch this clip and see what i mean. THEN WATCH RUN’S HOUSE TO SEE A GOOD EXAMPLE (but he did have a previous marriage too! Maybe was before he got saved.) God is LOVE! Rev. Run.


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