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while kicking it with some of my little keiki homies the other day catching bus to work was a trip. If you miss the 40 you gotta wait 30 minutes if you lucky for the next one, 1 hour if you going night time. But what you gonna do during them 30 minutes. Well they building a new UH down the highway from my house so shitloads of trucks stop by. One of the little fellas didn’t believe that if you make that horn pulling motion with your arm the truckers would honk for him. Well he tried half ass kind and standing behind a tree don’t help. But once he got the courage to stand on the sidewalk and actually got one truck to honk he was killing it. Truck drivers bus ass and make choke money but they always down to make some noise! Sorry Kapolei if them horns woke you up but you wasn’t home anyways. You probably Christmas shopping and making traffic jams.

man i am so not ready for Jesus’ Birthday. And i still looking for fireworks too!

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