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first off happy holidays, MERRY CHRISTMAS! and let the party begin. started partying last night. Won $25 playing no limit poker. seen some old friends. ate dope food. its all good.

well back in the day(AND STILL) my goal was to be sponsored by dope companies and get free gear. Well i aint sponsored but im blessed to know a few people that make dope stuff. Now i know holidays is all about giving and not getting but lets face is GETTING is DOPE TOO!!!!! So get yours! Check out and enter the Holiday giveaway. Big ups to all the sponsors for the hookups. If you win you win ALL the close in your size. Not 1 shirt, a GRIP of shirts or whatevers! And the grand prize is one of those hand painted ANGRY WOEBOTS posters that was flying like crazy at his hat release! So enter. send the email whatever bunsen said to do. God Bless and be safe busting them fireworks. See you in Don Quiote.

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