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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Man i havent been up on my music game since i cracked my laptop screen. And since i trying to go to San Diego Comic Con no way i getting new laptop anytime soon.

New Murs video. Living Legends.

I don’t like the toy design but a lot of people are digging it. But i just would like to show how a toy show should be done. Dope video and that Jester piece is sick. I actually did a custom toy show two years ago and that shit is hard work. Big ups to these cats that took the toy to the next level! Big ups to Kano too.


Picked this bad boy today. Was the same price as a Tanuki statue that was twice as big. But what you gonna do when you LOVE Kikaida.

Karate Kid 2 still the best of the four Karate Kids. Was watching on Vs. channel and then Oceanic changed to some kind of home shopping thing the moment she wen pull the chopstick from her hair. Best part of the movie and i missed it and couldn’t watch the ending of the film. GOOD ONE! good thing i got the dvd. man finding picks of Tamlyn Tomita is super hard and led me to topless picks of Lucy Liu. I win? HAHAHAHAHA

Superbowl is coming up. Now this year i aint too stoked about the game. I love the commercials but i hate the Pats so if they loose then Im happy. Superbowl Sundays have been mediocre to shitty in my life. When i was young my mom’s church would have meetings that day. So i had to go church 1 hour earlier and then stay 2 hours after church for this meeting. Then there were a few years where me and my moms would fight on superbowl sunday in front of my friends. so shitty. Then i moved out and super bowls still kinda lame. Tried to make my own parties but nothing really dope. But a majority of the time i ended up working superbowls. I remember bringing tvs to Ala Moana, going radio shack to buy an antennae and return it right after the game ended. This year no different except i gonna go watch the game at Moe’s during breaks. But one thing i try to make a tradition is going Mitsu Ken’s and getting a pan of Garlic Chicken. Superbowl is the only sunday they open and they only sell garlic chicken and you gotta prepay by friday i think in order to get it. Yesterday somebody told me they closed the spot due to criminal activity(hold the jokes…even that’s funny!) but this morning i went and got my fix. They open. Still get breakfast specials. But now instead of adding side order garlic chicken they get it included and call it a BREAKFAST COMBO. Nice. Progress. Now i gotta wait a whole week for more chicken! Next year you get party and you playing poker as well i come by and bring garlic chicken. let me know now!!!!!!

man he was as old as i am. Big ups Heath. Now you gotta go watch The Dark Knight in his memory so at least his little girl is taken care of!

now i aint the best poker player but IM DOWN to play! And playing 5 hours and finally cashing out with a total loss of only 9 bucks after buying in 20 bucks is a good night in my book. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!!!!!!!

bj penn winning

will only last untill dana white shuts it down. Yeah BJ!!!!

watch this. big ups champ!!!!!

Just picked up the shirts. If you come by the Nomasterbacks &DJ Memoirs/Angry Woebots/Kavet the Catalyst/ DJ Bumble Bee show tonight at Boarders Ward starting at 8pm and can show proof you bought a shirt(pic or rock the shirt) then you get this bad boy FREE!!! big ups to all the sponsors again! Don’t Sleep!!!!! You out of state heads or lazy to meet up fools can paypal some cash and get it mailed to you. Check for more info about that.