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Superbowl is coming up. Now this year i aint too stoked about the game. I love the commercials but i hate the Pats so if they loose then Im happy. Superbowl Sundays have been mediocre to shitty in my life. When i was young my mom’s church would have meetings that day. So i had to go church 1 hour earlier and then stay 2 hours after church for this meeting. Then there were a few years where me and my moms would fight on superbowl sunday in front of my friends. so shitty. Then i moved out and super bowls still kinda lame. Tried to make my own parties but nothing really dope. But a majority of the time i ended up working superbowls. I remember bringing tvs to Ala Moana, going radio shack to buy an antennae and return it right after the game ended. This year no different except i gonna go watch the game at Moe’s during breaks. But one thing i try to make a tradition is going Mitsu Ken’s and getting a pan of Garlic Chicken. Superbowl is the only sunday they open and they only sell garlic chicken and you gotta prepay by friday i think in order to get it. Yesterday somebody told me they closed the spot due to criminal activity(hold the jokes…even that’s funny!) but this morning i went and got my fix. They open. Still get breakfast specials. But now instead of adding side order garlic chicken they get it included and call it a BREAKFAST COMBO. Nice. Progress. Now i gotta wait a whole week for more chicken! Next year you get party and you playing poker as well i come by and bring garlic chicken. let me know now!!!!!!

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