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Monthly Archives: February 2008

not really but i got a pic of me in the Honolulu Star Bulletin rocking the new Angry Woebot Luchador shirt from Prototype at the Urbanz Toys french dunny party.Read the article and watch the video here at or check me and bunsen honeydew’s pics at www.atypicalliving.comBig ups to J. Blaze and the Star Bulletin crew.


man im super stoked for this trip the lights. Just a peak sneak of def3.

come down!

nah just playing but she never get Oscar so she still underground(HAHAHHAHHAHAHA) but whatever she does for the next 4 or 5 years is gonna kill. Movies gonna make a grip and could be shitty but as long as Ellen is in it, winners. Watch. All i gotta say is i can’t wait for the Juno dvd to be released. I seen it four times in the theaters already. But i did watch for Michael Cera (Anyong!) and not for her due to his killer acting in Arrested Development and Superbad! Here’s Barbara Walters messing up the Moldy Peaches song. (ps. B. Walters also interviewed HANNA MONTANA!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!)

for some reason i can’t post nothing but youtubes on here and found the clip elsewhere so click on the link to watch the video
video link

Last night I stopped by Urbanz Toys for their French Dunny tradiing party. Was pretty fun. Meet up with fellow toy collectors. Free wine, frenchfries, quiche, and CREAMPUFFS!!!!!(yeah me and Choni finished the creampuffs!) Good stuff. Well i got a message from Phoneticontrol that he needed some streetflicks of the Lightsleepers stickers he designed for me (yo i need to go to Comicon, buy one for a buck and send me to San Deigo, german for a whales vagina!) for a book he got in to. So me and Contra and fellow platelunch killer Timer went about to take a few street pics and here’s what happens when you get someone with a dope camera and a few homies with nothing to do.


While working in Pearlridge the other day the Cherry Blossom Festival contestants made an appearance at the mall. Now it was packed with family and friends of the girls as well as the current court(pic above) and a shitload of photogs. Now hot asian women are my weakness. Worse than kryptonite (just don’t add water so get jagged lava steeze. you dunno what i talking then watch the superman returns). Anywho i have always been more particular to them Chinese girls in the Narcissus Court cus im Hawaiian Chinese. Hawaiians love Chinese, hence the choke Hawaiian Chinese people. But these Japanese girls were nice. But then they started talking about their education and what they do for a living and goals. They were talking about they grad college from whatevers university and gonna go back and get two more degrees and save the world and read to the keikis and everything. WOW. Now if you gonna go get a girl then maybe you should be checking these smarties. But then again the same girls trying to win could be the same girl freaking you at the club at night which wouldn’t be bad but then could remove illusion of the goodie goodie girl. I wonder how many chicks lie for the contest and if the people doing the contest do the background checks. I’ve had a few friends try these pageants and they bust ass and they get worked hustling and promoting! It probably makes the win that much better. Well good luck to them cherry Cherry Blossom girls(HAHAHAHA did you catch that double cherry!)
here’s the websites for both Cherry and Narcissus. I wonder what the Korean girls get. Kim Chee. oh wait flower. i dunno.
Cherry Blossom Festival
Narcissus Festival

sidenote for the guys- i think the snickers thing would work. Not saying easy action for these girls but would be a mean ice breaker.

Me and Observ bought the first copies!!!!!!! You suck. now get yours! Big ups to Chad, Rob, and the APB homies!

And they hooked everyone up. Kama’aina rates. $20 for 3 skate vids. Why you mad!!! Lower case and Midnight Mauraders plus Struggle= CHEE HU!!!!!

more info at

  Kiss i got from Val. She’s the homie!  Back during the 6 or so years i was rocking UH Manoa at my table in campus center every valentines day the health dept. and other clinics like Waikiki Health Clinic and Kalihi Palama would come to campus center and pass out condoms and candy hoping to get the safe sex message across. I guess they never had Try Wait back then but either way it was all about horny girls going apeshit for lube and jimmy hats. HAHAHAHAHA Well i love Valentine’s Day. Wether i had 1 or 100 valentines i just loved it. And man if you didn’t have a chick even better! You could pick up girls left and right feeling all doodoo about not having someone. Its funny how much a snickers bar can get you on Valentine’s WEEK(start from the day and rock through the weekend cus there’s girls still never get shit). Forget strip club and getting girls drunk. Snickers and lonelyness= Easy Action. Of course you should wait to have sex till you married. me and KTC was rocking Safeway last night getting ladies some flowers. Oh if only you knew. Big whattup to Stuckup Kid getting stuffs for his ladies. Drove by Watanabe Floral today(that’s the spot fellas) and it was ruckus as usual. even had HPD to crowd control. shit.Side note: all you ladies gotta get your mens something too. not just the guys. If you don’t know what to get i give you two three words….Steak and BJ!  And you ladies if you don’t have a valentine hit me up. my email is

The city with the golden sound…… nah. homie Aaron Yoshino kills with the ILL camera skills. Check his shit out and pics from Create & Destroy on his page at

Man i’m cleaning up and tossing shitloads of stuff out the door to make room for renovations to the house. Donated two garbage bags full of stuff. Even a couple pairs of Nike’s that i NEVER worn(hopefully God will bless me with even more cheap Air Maxes and Stabs, WHATUP KICKS/HI!!!!!) But man do i have a grip of toys. Don’t know why i keep buying stuff but when they look dope like this Vivisect from Joe Ledbetter how can i not buy it. CHEEE HU!!!!!

I may be a sexy beast but he fucken plays for the NFL. He wins. Now Pro Bowl has been in Hawai’i for as long as I can remember and i NEVER meet anybody. I remember going to Pete’s Big Man Camp and getting shafted by Shaq and high fived Shawn Kemp but after that i never tried to go to practices or whatevers. This year’s Pro Bowl’s list is WEAK. Only guy I really would like to meet is Tatupu(cus he get dope name and is a great player) I care less about Romo (hey Jessica!!!!!) and Manning is okay. Rather find a Farve or even Michael Strahan(who i heard gonna host a party at some club so maybe i find him). But i aint trying to go to practices or pay money for an autograph that i not even sure he signed. But i tried my luck and went to the ProBowl experience at Kapiolani Park. No Tatupu. Long line for Chris Ma’afala. But i did get a free Pro Bowl 2008 towel for filling an app. for a credit card using fake info and a free football and cups from the air force. Jordan Segundo started to sing and that was my cue to leave and go Teddy’s and eat a burger and onion rings. Not bad for a half hour of walking around and a dollar for parking meter. Still got three more days to find Tatupu. But i no more nothing for him sign and no camera. DOODOO!!!!!!