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I may be a sexy beast but he fucken plays for the NFL. He wins. Now Pro Bowl has been in Hawai’i for as long as I can remember and i NEVER meet anybody. I remember going to Pete’s Big Man Camp and getting shafted by Shaq and high fived Shawn Kemp but after that i never tried to go to practices or whatevers. This year’s Pro Bowl’s list is WEAK. Only guy I really would like to meet is Tatupu(cus he get dope name and is a great player) I care less about Romo (hey Jessica!!!!!) and Manning is okay. Rather find a Farve or even Michael Strahan(who i heard gonna host a party at some club so maybe i find him). But i aint trying to go to practices or pay money for an autograph that i not even sure he signed. But i tried my luck and went to the ProBowl experience at Kapiolani Park. No Tatupu. Long line for Chris Ma’afala. But i did get a free Pro Bowl 2008 towel for filling an app. for a credit card using fake info and a free football and cups from the air force. Jordan Segundo started to sing and that was my cue to leave and go Teddy’s and eat a burger and onion rings. Not bad for a half hour of walking around and a dollar for parking meter. Still got three more days to find Tatupu. But i no more nothing for him sign and no camera. DOODOO!!!!!!

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