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  Kiss i got from Val. She’s the homie!  Back during the 6 or so years i was rocking UH Manoa at my table in campus center every valentines day the health dept. and other clinics like Waikiki Health Clinic and Kalihi Palama would come to campus center and pass out condoms and candy hoping to get the safe sex message across. I guess they never had Try Wait back then but either way it was all about horny girls going apeshit for lube and jimmy hats. HAHAHAHAHA Well i love Valentine’s Day. Wether i had 1 or 100 valentines i just loved it. And man if you didn’t have a chick even better! You could pick up girls left and right feeling all doodoo about not having someone. Its funny how much a snickers bar can get you on Valentine’s WEEK(start from the day and rock through the weekend cus there’s girls still never get shit). Forget strip club and getting girls drunk. Snickers and lonelyness= Easy Action. Of course you should wait to have sex till you married. me and KTC was rocking Safeway last night getting ladies some flowers. Oh if only you knew. Big whattup to Stuckup Kid getting stuffs for his ladies. Drove by Watanabe Floral today(that’s the spot fellas) and it was ruckus as usual. even had HPD to crowd control. shit.Side note: all you ladies gotta get your mens something too. not just the guys. If you don’t know what to get i give you two three words….Steak and BJ!  And you ladies if you don’t have a valentine hit me up. my email is

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