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While working in Pearlridge the other day the Cherry Blossom Festival contestants made an appearance at the mall. Now it was packed with family and friends of the girls as well as the current court(pic above) and a shitload of photogs. Now hot asian women are my weakness. Worse than kryptonite (just don’t add water so get jagged lava steeze. you dunno what i talking then watch the superman returns). Anywho i have always been more particular to them Chinese girls in the Narcissus Court cus im Hawaiian Chinese. Hawaiians love Chinese, hence the choke Hawaiian Chinese people. But these Japanese girls were nice. But then they started talking about their education and what they do for a living and goals. They were talking about they grad college from whatevers university and gonna go back and get two more degrees and save the world and read to the keikis and everything. WOW. Now if you gonna go get a girl then maybe you should be checking these smarties. But then again the same girls trying to win could be the same girl freaking you at the club at night which wouldn’t be bad but then could remove illusion of the goodie goodie girl. I wonder how many chicks lie for the contest and if the people doing the contest do the background checks. I’ve had a few friends try these pageants and they bust ass and they get worked hustling and promoting! It probably makes the win that much better. Well good luck to them cherry Cherry Blossom girls(HAHAHAHA did you catch that double cherry!)
here’s the websites for both Cherry and Narcissus. I wonder what the Korean girls get. Kim Chee. oh wait flower. i dunno.
Cherry Blossom Festival
Narcissus Festival

sidenote for the guys- i think the snickers thing would work. Not saying easy action for these girls but would be a mean ice breaker.

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