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*No way will i be posting that crybaby’s pic on my super awesome blog!!!!!

MTV made Tuesday the day to get the new Rob & Big episodes that I LOVE!!!!! But first they make us sit through an episode of Life of Ryan. That guys is a pussy. Period. Sorry but that’s what i feel. He crys too much and talks with a wierd third person “Now that i have a girlfriend…” or “I realize that family is so important…..” Why does he have a show. SO GAY!

well i wanna make this about skateboarding which i love. Man i watch so many dvds you don’t even know. Yeah i can’t ollie or pop shove it to save my life but fuck i’ll tic tac the shit out of a board. Now if you got any ideas for EASY tricks that i can do for my skate video part let me know.

PS. Thanks to the Skate Nazi at for the heads up on the Dyson Ramones vid on skateboard mag’s website (yeah i be checking the hi-rolling!)

now have a video about Rob & Big. Good shit!

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