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While rolling to Stortos and Crank & Carve and Matsumotos me and fellow Lightsleeper and Urinal Cake partner in crime Rotch was rolling in my xB(hell yeah thanks Jesus!) and while listening and getting bored by the new Del The Funky Homosapien album Eleventh Hour i had him plug the ipod and ended rocking mean ska tunes. Lead me to listening to more Hepcat. I LOVE HEPCAT. I like ska but not all ska but if Hepcat comes back im there. They rocked Pipeline last time. And yeah they got that guy that acted with jeremy piven in PCU and was the blind guy in Becker. PCU is classic. Put the dog food in the luggage to make the drug sniffing dogs go apeshit(watch the movie and find out). Anywho enjoy this youtube. And if you go Stortos don’t peel the Lightsleepers stickers (and the Exclusive one i put up too. YEAH TINA!) or cap it with your own sticker and get papaya dressing. And DON’T get sugar free syrup at Matsumoto’s. Not the same. Just go run extra laps. Now get your skank on rudeboy bumbaclot tampon!

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