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The one thing that made me almost not wanna go Kamehameha is that i thought you had to wear malo. HELL NO! I might be sexy but i like keep um to myself and maybe a lucky lady…or LADIES! HAHAHAHAHA

Well Spring Break is started and usually kicked of for Kamehameha students with Song Contest. Now Kamehameha makes it part of your graduation requirement to go to 4 contest (fresh, soph,jr, sr) or no can grad. And i got stories up the yingyang just on song contest alone. From almost being expelled to sweeping all the catagories and having the whole section of chairs end up being pushed over and or thrown on stage. This year the focus was ‘Olelo Hawai’i(kahakos are untypable on wordpress so you figure where to put them) And Hiki ia’u ke ‘olelo Hawai’i, aka, pono no au e ho’oma’ama’a. Big ups to the class of 2009/2010 for killing the comp. I know the seniors must feel shitty. That was usually the goal when you actually cared about winning. Make sure the seniors no win nothing. But when you’re a senior you try win everything. Not to brag but my class wen sweep senior year. We also made the school take away homecoming week as well but hey you win some you loose some. Best thing about the night is watching people bust out cell phones and other banned stuff before ho’ike and getting caught on camera. I know some anal teacher or whoever gonna watch the rebroadcast and get your ass when you come back to school. For some reason KS figured out how to stop people from bringing balloons and streamers and stuff but they still had air horns. Big ups to that guy that wen blast um before they anounced any winners. Your a donkey!

*Sidenote: I remember going to a Punahou grad ceremony and the principle or head master or whatever bragging about having the entire class singing songs or something and saying who eles can do such a thing then me and a bunch of Kamehameha guys wen yell “Kamehameha get song contest and put um on TV statewide”. You might be rich and have dope carnival but you can eat a big one! But you get mean chicks that …….nevermind. Mean chicks.

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