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(no more pic from that night so i put the birfday girls pick and my buddy Sherman Todd Oner)

Went to Krazy(Crappy) Karaoke for my homie LORO’s birfday, maybe BARFDAY!!!!! RALPH!!!! Nah just playing. Now i HATE karaoke and but i had a good time with Team Prototype/BayVI. But no way in hell am i gonna sing songs in an off key or anything. Man i gotta rethink that HipHop covers for Trip The Lights. Karaoke is only fun if you can have fun with the people around. Man i think you can have fun anywhere as long as you have good homies. Well i wont say what else happened but there was three festival balls launched (big ups to that guy that still can hold on fireworks that long) and i got a tag up and found a CLEAN dumpster. That made me suspect about it but then the festival balls went off and that brought out security. Good one!

Speaking of singing tonight is Kamehameha Song Contest. I go watch for sure. Tell you my stories tomorrow.

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