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Talk about going green try eating yogurt with a fork so you no need open the spoon package from McD’s. Yeah i did it.

St. Pattys day. I like it a lot. Usually i go check out the block party at Murpheys/O’Tooles on Merchant St. I dunno what I like about it. I don’t drink but everyone else likes to. Maybe its the get to pinch people not wearing green. Or the fact everyone wants to pretend they’re Irish so you can kiss them. Maybe its because i went St. Patricks school in elementary days? Maybe i just like to eat Corned Beef and Cabbage(both the can and the one you cook in the crock pot). Either way, have fun. And all you hot chicks no wear green so i can pinch dat booty and give you a kiss cus you think you’re Irish but you’re just drunk. And hot.

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