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Well I thought I would never want to buy a dunny after buying the Flying Fortress one(cus hey its FLYING FORTRESS! TROOPERS ARE ILL!!!!) but I couldn’t wait to get this Tiger Dunny from Joe Ledbetter. So after an early morning commute to Hawaii Kai i went and picked up one. Now the elusive Blue Stripe Chase figure was the talk of the town. Opened to see if i got it. Nope. Seen orange. Then after they sold out everyone there made the mad dash to Urbanz Toys in Ka’imuki to see if they could PRESS THEIR LUCK NO WAMMIES! Well after finally deciding to buy one for my homie Josh i bought another one. Opened the corner to see if i got it. Seen orange on the ear. Gave up. Then a fellow forumist let me know that only THE STRIPES were blue. Well i opened it all the way and i GOT THE BLUE CHASE! I WIN!

Now im soooo torn cus i think i wanna keep it but the offers are pooring in. TIGER DUNNY RAWR!

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