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Yeah i suppose to make a blog about Yuri not making it and go vote Jabba Wockies but shit they gonna win anyways so lets keep it moving. NO BITCH ASSNESS. Only ass please. I’m a huge Making the Band follower and last night Day 26 and Danity Kane and Donnie was doing their thing on MTV. Croud sreaming “Bad Boy” made me think about the past when Diddy had Biggie and the Lox, Lil Kim, 112, Craig Mack, and they was killing it. New decade and things full circle again. Now i dunno what makes these dudes better than boy bands like NSYNC or Backstreet but when they sang their second single they had that Tony, Toni, Tone kinda Jodeci kinda Boyz II Men kinda joints. WOW. But then nobody better than Jodeci! PERIOD! You needed to request a song on the radio for a girl or make the mixtape High Fidelity style you throw the JODECI on there. Almost as easy as snickers and a card on valentines day! Take some notes fools! YOU TOO MOSES!

Come and Talk to me

Freekin You

Cry For You

Lately (MTV Unplugged)


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