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Maybe Jesus couldn’t sleep in the cave cus the rock was hard so he decided to come back to life and find better place? Or a softer bed. HAHAHA

Easter is the biggest event to happen for all Christians(and everyone else for that matter). More important than Christmas but with egg hunts instead of gifts. Maybe people no like jelly beans and peeps. Anywho if Jesus never die and come back from the dead no way to go heaven cus adam wen eat that apple. But he did. All is good. Heaven here I come. Your ticket is as simple as “Thanks Jesus” and accepting him.

something I no get is they say On the 3rd day he rose from the dead but Good Friday and Easter Sunday is two days apart. Maybe my math is wrong but I no like investigate. Maybe somebody gonna put the answer on discovery channel while I get all engrossed in watching about Templars.

And every Sunday is Easter Sunday. Make that everyday.

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