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Went to that Big Boys show at the Blaisdell for one purpose only. Get a Christian Hosoi board signed to hang on my wall. Well i get there and see all the homies skating the half pipe. I mean EVERYONE. Sunshine, Ian from Stussy, Ryan from In4mation, Chad from APB, Rob from BayVI, Bronson from Natural Koncept, CHRIS MOFO KAYS!!!! Talk about mean sessions. Then to top it Fricken Kale Sandridge and Christian Hosoi. HO BOY!!!!!

Well i found out that APB was selling the mean fishtale hammerhead reproductions, but Hosoi was also selling his deck through House of Flys. So i ask Christian and he’s super stoked that i came to the show ONLY to see him. Im saying he’s my all time fave back when him and Lance Mountain was killing vert and pools. But don’t get me wrong DAEWON gives Hosoi mean rubs to being all time favs. Any who the House of Flys sell in his deck for $85 and was gonna give me deals at $75. C’MON! I shoulda got the hammerhead from APB that was way cheaper but Flys brough Hosoi and I never like make conflict so i just went home. Did leave with the Lombsbread/Poetree Invisible Kingdom Vol. I and Vol. II.

But i was still small kine bumded out. Still got to meet the legend. That was dope. And I should have put some Lightsleepers stickers on the ramp. Oh well.

Get ready FRIDAY!!!!

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