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Monthly Archives: April 2008

ESPO USED TO BE MY FAV GRAFF WRITER! He had the ill garage one letter per door rollers. Strait letter and everyone could read ESPO a mile away. VH1 even has a piece of his rollers on the title screens when they have their Rock Docs. Then he made dope clear Nikes. Then he started doing more graphic design work. Then i never like. But this piece part of his Ireland trip is dope. I welcome back Espo to my list of Favs. But don’t get me wrong if he EVER comes to Hawaii i gonna be the first in line geeking out. I just don’t like the iconic work he does. Graff yes please!


For some reason my shoes have a lean to them every so often so then i gotta rock slippers to make my feet strait. Well Niketown had their Reuse a Shoe program with Mayor Mufi. So I woke up early and trekked to Waiks from Kapolei. Had to leave and go work. But felt good to help make new playgrounds and shit. But I wished I went beach this morning. Can’t stay at home due to project makeover and decided to work weekends. But man i want off. One day. REUSE A SHOE! Niketown collects year round. And if you got deadstock Size 13’s let me know foolio! Maxes and Stabs and Gazelles!

Before they had a movie they had one of my favorite books of all time, Where the wild things are. Almost as good as Tiki Tiki Tembo!

Now they gonna make a movie and Spike Jones is directing. Cant wait. here’s two pics floating on the internet. Yeah its from the LS forums but who gives a fuck. The movie is gonna be great.

Well last night me and Mr. J All Day went to the HIFF Spring Fling and checked out Machine Girl. Well the trailer tells it all. But i gotta say this was a pretty funny movie. Yeah people die and all but i couldn’t stop laughing. If you get a chance to see it please do. Or wait for the DVD. Here’s the trailer. Wonder what HIFF got planned for the fall. Big ups. Too bad i couldn’t watch Young @ Heart. Roll the clip!

I guess the economy is really bad to all the sales the stores are holding. Well i’ve been listening to the radio a lot more than usual not for the music but for the morning crew commentary from the various radio stations doing anything from hooking up single people to complaining about kids fighting in schools and posting on youtube. Anywho i hear a commercial for Hilo Hatties Wherehouse sale. Now living Hawaii Aloha Shirt simplest thing to wear to look all business/semiformal but for some reason after going to Kamehameha and wearing dress code for years i only wanna rock SHORTS and dope tshirts. But prices of a dope aloha shirt is krazy! So i woke up early saturday morning and trekked to sand island and battled my way through thousands of locals trying to save big. While using my digging skills from buying records and swap meets i ended up picking four shirts and a bunch of stuff for the fam. The return of Aloha shirts on Fridays with a lunch of laulau and squid lu’au. We see. Now if I can get a Sig Zane joint we be good. And no you bastards that isn’t a pick of my shirt! I’m not THAT big.

Man i just wrote the legthiest post about how i missed Retna & Revoke at Next Door cus they left 10 minutes before i got there or how i was going back and forth to the Loft location of Blue Hawaii and TooGruvz and posting tags and having a good time at a dope party. I give up. So much for using shitty internet connections. Have some flicks that i stole. My game is slacking. Big ups to Rod at Blue Hawaii/EightyFour and everyone for the dope event. Big ups to Retna and Revok and thanks for hitting up my books!
start it off

retna and revok doin work

all pau

retna @ rvca event

both finish.




Photo: Bikes and Fears

Well the series seems to be over. What started as a segment on a skate video blew up into a mockery of security guards/ flashlight cops and ends with Big Black finding love and making a baby. Now didn’t you wish your homie moved only down the street instead of Vegas or Seattle or Mongolia. Watch all the episodes you can on

time will only tell.


Was listening to radio(that sucks…i gotta fix my macbook so i can rock ipod) and they was complaining about how gas gonna be $4 a gallon soon. Got hungry and went Burger King. Bought french toast sticks. But some donkey that works there charges $2.59 for 5 sticks but if you buy 3 sticks from the value menu you only pay a buck. I buy 6 sticks for $2. Smart Hawaiian.
ps. the pic is something i googled cus nobody takes BK sticks pics. That rhymed.

my homie Bunsen Honeydew Mr. J All DAY Jessie asked me if I wanted to help him with a coverage site following a departure from a previous site. I told him change the video on the splash page. He shows up with this. I like very much. I wish had less pics of me. Well we start shooting more flicks for the next one. Big ups J! And maybe i get Vitamin Water sponsor And don’t forget to get Stuttering Stan’s album when drops.

Free shoes. Speak truth!