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I guess the economy is really bad to all the sales the stores are holding. Well i’ve been listening to the radio a lot more than usual not for the music but for the morning crew commentary from the various radio stations doing anything from hooking up single people to complaining about kids fighting in schools and posting on youtube. Anywho i hear a commercial for Hilo Hatties Wherehouse sale. Now living Hawaii Aloha Shirt simplest thing to wear to look all business/semiformal but for some reason after going to Kamehameha and wearing dress code for years i only wanna rock SHORTS and dope tshirts. But prices of a dope aloha shirt is krazy! So i woke up early saturday morning and trekked to sand island and battled my way through thousands of locals trying to save big. While using my digging skills from buying records and swap meets i ended up picking four shirts and a bunch of stuff for the fam. The return of Aloha shirts on Fridays with a lunch of laulau and squid lu’au. We see. Now if I can get a Sig Zane joint we be good. And no you bastards that isn’t a pick of my shirt! I’m not THAT big.

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