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I went to this show to buy wax and cds.

If you want coverage or scoops check ktc’s narco sympo here
Here’s Jake the Snakesucka working Kero’s merch table(thanks Jake)

I have to say for someone to clear a merch table in less than 20 minutes BEFORE performing is fricken insane. But i would like to say that seeing real heads like KTC or DJ PACKO!!!!!(YEAH PACKO!!!!!) buying shit makes others wanna buy shit. I’ve been fortunate to work some of the DOPEST act’s merch table: Busdriver, 2Mex, Visionaries, Procussions, Shapeshifters, Joe Dub, Xinco, Sideroads, you name it. Always a bad cus you can’t leave. Always a good cus you get free shit. Now i know Jake got hooked up. Oh you bastard! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. I gotta get on my merch table skills again. Up my game. Word!

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