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fuck if you know that quote i’ll buy you a burger king kids meal! Serious!

Well the second favorite day of may(NEXT TO MY BIRTHDAY! INERTIA 5 IS MY BDAY PARTY!) is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Then Boys Day/Drunko De MAY O. Well trying to get things done for Inertia 5 and Exclusive/Pocket Full Of Monsters Daggers, Bolts, and Fur, AND taking my homie 2H bombing Jurassic Park, Chinaman’s Hat, and killing Kahuku Shrimp trucks I TOTALLY MISSED IT!!!!!! Well i checked out Jelly’s the following day. Missed out on the free HellBoy, Transforers, and XMen comics. Did get an Iron Man calendar, some titles I never heard about and this gem

The free Iron Man Hero Clix made just for Free Comic Book Day. Oh im stoked. Next year i gonna not miss it. First Saturday in May. More info check out


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