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This morning people famous and not out slanging Honolulu Advertisers to help raise money for PACT. I don’t know what PACT does but buttloads of people including the governor helps sell papers. Yeah I buy one every year. Didn’t even read the paper. Just storing up Brownie points I guess. But I did have an observation. Yeah they have dope girls like this selling papers.

But at the same time they had office workers and bankers selling as well. Way more of them then the previous hotties. But there were only a few that actually wanted to hustle. Walked up to cars. Did that extra effort. The others just stood around hoping that somebody wanted to earn brownie points too and just walked up to them. I gotta say i know that these people work for businesses like Home Street Bank and AIG and it looks good for them to volunteer for the company but if you don’t wanna do it then don’t. Cus i surely don’t wanna buy a paper from you. You gonna help, then help, but not half assed! Later i went on Nimitz to go do some errands and they guy that usually slangs papers at Sand Island Road was pissed cus he had to stand next to one of these KIDS DAY paper volunteers and his business was getting stolen. Brownie points are powerful stuff! I think Jesus likes them too!

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