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I hope I didn’t wake you. HAHAHAHA

Man for some reason i end up having to watch shitloads of Disney channel. But Brenda Song is the ONLY saving grace(sorry Raven and Miley!) I like Ming Na(too bad she only voiceovers) but I watched almost everything Brenda was in on Dis including majority of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and WENDY WU! CHEE HU!

Well anywho the guys at Midweek (YEAH MICAH!) put her on the cover and gave her an interview here. Yeah i got a thing for asian hotties. And the fact that she’s Thai/Hmong(just wikipediaed that. Subgroup of people from the Souther Chinese Mountain area) makes her qualified. Now lets hope she don’t send no naked pics to her boyfriend(Thanks High School Musical…how many of you pervs saw those pics?)

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