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Egan Inoue returns to the octogon, I mean ring. Now back when i used to work at Schlotzsky’s in Ala Moana Egan would always stop by. The nicest fighters I ever met so far. Not like Hong Man Choi that never like give me a photo op. Egan always hooked me up with fight posters(too bad they got greasy and I had to toss them) and Grappling Unlimited shirts and whatevers he could get from the promoters. Well Egan would always come by and eat Pastrami sandwiches after every fight. I use to tease him that he comes after every win because he was unstoppable for a while before Mayhem stomped his ribs. Either way. By then Schlotzsky’s is no more in Hawaii. But Egan returns. Now if I could only get a return of a dope Pastrami with Swiss on Sourdough extra 1000 island. Or a BBQ chicken pizza. Sidenote: I MAKE FUCKEN DOPE BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA! WAY BETTER THAN CPK!(But go eat CPK and tip Tarn big!)

Well Im contemplating going tonight but I not sure. Either way GO EGAN!

Oh you forgot what his skills be like. Have a YouTube.

But you better watch out cus sometimes his brother comes after you. Here’s Enson.

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