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Well Started my birthday WEEK with Mr. J AllDay and Christina from Exclusive at KURUKURU. Man poke dons forever! So worth the wait. But i wish they would open early so i can eat one for breakfast. WORD! Anywho I always wanted Birthday partys. But was never really cool enough to have a dope one. Remember having some at McDonalds and my house. Once I had a pizza party at Pizza Hut. But last year I had a BBOY BATTLE with emcees, DJs, Writers, and BBOYS! This year I’m doing it again!
Saturday May 24, 2008! Stop buy. Feel free to bring me a present! HAHAHAHA.(serious) Help out Grace Bible’s Youth Ministry and my homie Pastor Kei(like Pastor Troy….Yeah he can emcee…and he got dope bboy skills…skating maybe….but I take his money playing poker anyday WHEN WE GO PLAY AGAIN!!!!) And this year my homegirl Lyanne from Housing Project 360 must have known its my birthday so she’s throwing a movie premier and a dope event kinda like the old days of dancing at 1739s. ALL DAY! And Don’t Forget BJ PENN FIGHT! I’m trying to finish the bboy battle before the fights start!

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