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Well I never expect to get anything for any reason. Christmas i’ll be lucky to get three gifts at most, one coming from my mom. Well my homie LEE!(WHATTUP FOOL!) shocked the shit out of me when he dropped off this weird green guy.

MAN IS THAT INSANE! So far one of the best gifts i’ve ever got. Super stoked. Now im forced into the delema of openning it. I’m torn like an old sweater. Shit imma open it. Not like I’m EVER gonna sell or trade or whatevers. YEAH LEE! so dope that I gotta end the post and show you guys what i bought myself tomorrow.

sidenote: did anybody see the news last night where Joe Moore talking about his contract up and 40 years in the biz and he gonna say whats up today. I know he gonna get extended watch.

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