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Sorry for taking a vacation but after a draining Bboy Battle(thanks for everyone who made Inertia 5 possible and dope….return in December) and a late night Soulgasm(Jacie we not done dishing) I actually didn’t do ANYTHING! even took Memorial Day off to go chill. Went to both SWAP MEETS and they was both closed. Thought was suppose to be open on holidays. Anywho i had to drown my sorrows at Jelly’s and bouht some wax. Kicked it with DJ Fame. Then on the way out i passed Hanks Haute Dogs and seen they was open. Now i wanted to eat there forever but they got shitty day hours so I never go. But they also got Bratwurst. I never had a dope Brat since ive been to Wisconsin/Chicago areas. But Hanks got it. Yeah kinda pricy compaired to Costco dogs but they got that Vienna Beef Chitown dogs and buns. All imported from Chicago. But SO fucken worth it. Killed a monster like this and wasn’t sad anymore.

Finished with a long drive to Hawaii Kai and picked up some stuff from Split Obsession. GOOD DAY OVERALL!

oh yeah check hank’s website at

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