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is that how you spell it? Oh well. I would move to Turtle Bay for her

Yeah i know she aint asian but them haole hotties can get in sometimes like Reese Witherspoon, shit look at the Pepper Pots post below somewhere. Anywho I wanted to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshal for one person. Mila. Then after all the hype of “Yeah shot in Hawaii, Dope Movie, One Groove got a song in the soundtrack(Big Ups guys) etc.” It took me a shitload of time on my hands and missing the DC demo that i heard sucked and having really little money i decided to watch cus I never like watch Iron Man again since i gonna buy the dvd and i thought Narnia was gonna be too long for the time I had to be at Chili’s for the Kimbo Slice fight (popping collas and cauliflower ears!) Move is hella dope. And supporting actors were dope including Paul Rudd. And the HAWAIIANS killed the movie. Kala was an asshole like he’s suppose to be. Go watch um when hits dollar movies cus no can find reg movies and buy the dvd. I will. Maybe 2.


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