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Alrighty then super guilty pleasures confession. Other than Avenue Q i would TOTALLY BUY A TICKET TO WATCH LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL ON BROADWAY! Yeah I watched it on MTV with Lauren Conrad. But fuck i would go. Seriously. $100 no problem. I don’t even spend that on MMA. My tickets for Elite XC costed me $9.39 (thanks clearchannel!) But yesterday as i was having major headache, took a nap and woke up seeing MTV searching for the next Elle Woods. Now all the chicks aint that dope looks wise or performance wise. And i don’t think any of them can fill Laura Bell Bundy’s shoes. Hailey Duff is hosting for some strange reason and its funny to see all of them crack under pressure. Anywho. Have another pic. And if you got an extra ticket to NY and a seat for Legally Blonde or Avenue Q(or in Vegas) call me up!

PS. I’m not gay. Fuck you for thinking so.

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