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I like funny things really. Well apologies for not keeping my shit together. After an amazing chance to kick it with my freinds at small group feeling super positive thursday evening friday was a disaster. I don’t know what it really was but for some reason i was super depressed(not the kine where i like die, never have and never hope to do so over, but super close to crying. Fuck you if you had a second gay comment, just wait till i post the gayest post for me thus far tomorrow! And NO I AINT GAY! I’ll steal your girlfriend with the quickness! Oh yeah i can! I got ALL the game! word.) and I really didn’t want to see anyone but my super good friends. But people had plans and nothing cheered me up. Decided to watch fireworks from the hilton. While cruising Ala Moana Beach Park looking at hot chicks made me feel a little better i was super stoked to finally get close to watching them launch the shells from the lagoon. After finding parking (only 45 minutes after getting there) i parked right on the beach of rockpiles i guess (must be cus farther away from where Kaiser was so Bowls must be the other side) and after the ‘Anuenue Canoe Club parked the hoe wa’a for the night it was on donkey kong. Man i felt good watching fire and feeling the blast go through your body. shit i was so close the end of the show sparks was burning my arm. Had pieces of the exploded shells still on my car. So dope. Im hella jealous of the guys at Hawaiian Explosives that get to launch EVERY FRIDAY! Bastards! Well i think I be there this friday too. CHEE HU! No more depression. Oh part 2 in a new post out of respect to the post subjects………PS. guess who i google stole the pic from? HAHAHAHA still no camera.

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