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Shit im hella stoked this morning. Robeks Pearlridge is killing me with their Acai bowl. Bob Burnquest got me buying the crap out of this acai. Hopefully the antioxidants make me super buff? or healthy at least. Well i’ve been trying to get even more sexier than i already am chomping salads and stuff. Trying to stay away from McD’s breakfast (im addicted to breakfast burritos). So ive been chomping Acai bowls from Robeks. I always thought Robeks as second fiddle to Jamba Juice. And Robeks is good with the acai stuff better than Jamba. But these new owners that just bought the store are hella cool. I always order my bowl no granola extra banana. They hook it up. Frick they gave me a banana on the side just to make sure i had extra bananas. These owners are hella cool. Support them and buy a smoothie or something. Oh they got killer pizza pretzels. Oh snap i just looked in the mirror. Even more sexy. Yep.

Sidenote: All you people want me to pump your store or whatevers, just bribe the crap out of me. Im easy. Shit a banana! HAHAHAHHA

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